The EchoSoft™ MSK ultrasound software, our breakthrough, tablet-based product, will allow treating clinicians to provide low-cost, real-time initial diagnoses of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. Additionally, EchoSoft™ software can accurately and objectively measure patient progress during rehabilitation. These advancements can potentially:

  1. Enable prescription of injury-appropriate treatment
  2. Improve athlete performance
  3. Measure the efficacy of new therapies


Echometrix products enable real-time diagnosis to differentiate between tissue strains and tears. The ability of treating clinicians to provide rapid diagnoses allows patients to begin appropriate treatments sooner than by conventional diagnoses (e.g., MRI). This is important given the frequency and volume of musculoskeletal injuries:

  1. More than 1 in 4 Americans has a musculoskeletal condition requiring medical attention.
  2. Approximately 28% of these conditions were the result of injuries.
  3. Out of more than 24 million total injuries annually, 18.4 million are sprain and strain injuries.


The use of MRI for the diagnosis of sprain and strain injuries are expensive, and will create a $2.5 billion cost problem by 2020. The advanced technology found in the EchoSoft™ MSK ultrasound software allows for immediate and precise diagnosis using ultrasound, and will significantly reduce medical imaging costs, while providing the benefits of immediate and precise diagnosis musculoskeletal injuries and monitoring of treatment.